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Help! How do I decouple hands from HMD rotation in Epic's FPS template?

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    Speedy-P What I mentioned above was under the assumption you hadn't modified too much the FPS template, but now I see you made quite some changes/merging of different templates. I am traveling at the moment without access to my dev system so I cannot double check that, but could you try parenting the Camera and the MC to a SceneComponent instead of an Arrow? You can keep the Arrow, just parent it to as well the SceneComponent if useful. Does it make any different respect to your issue?

    Also in the attached Blueprint, the execution pin of the Branch node is not connected. Is that wanted?
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      I encountered this same issue. And here's the easy fix:

      Uncheck "Use Pawn Control Rotation" in the camera component!

      The player is rotated along with the camera by default. If you leave that checked, the hands will rotated with the head because the whole character gets rotated with the head instead of just the camera.

      Woooh! Fixed!