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UVRF - Handpresence template for Rift / Vive // Update 1.9 GitHub release

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    We implemented the template into one of our projects. Great template overall. Worked with no issues. Good job!

    Josef Vecernik
    CEO and co-founder, Virarch


      Thanks you so much for this. It's really generous of you to share such a nice template.

      I have a little problem. I can't seem to find a way to use it in a new project. If I try to migrate things, some files won't copy...

      How am I suppose to move your template to a new project? For now, when I migrate the files to a new project, I get errors even though most of it works except the teleportation, so I guess I am doing something wrong.

      Can somebody tell me the proper way to move things to a new project?


        Simply copy Content/Framework to your project. Everything is contained in the Framework folder, so it would just work with copy/paste. For teleportation to work you need to setup navigation by placing nav mesh bounds volume and build navigation. For highlights to work, you need to place postprocess volume and highlight material in it, also enable custom depth with stencil buffer. That should do the job
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          Is it possible to have multiple fixed grab locations on a single mesh?


            Not in actual version, however it should not be that hard to modify it. Simple store transforms / points / anims in an array and then pick the closest one ... I was considering it, but decided that most objects do have exactly one grab and i want to keep things simple, so they're easy to understand
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              Update 1.3
              While i haven't had much time to work on UVRF lately, here is a minor update with some refactoring on the UI code - the button code should now be readable, you can set different colours etc., adding laser Interactions what can be used on UI (and other objects too if you're creative). Also added CanMove flag to VRPawn, that can restrain movement and VisualConfig to hold all data about colours etc - to make it easier to share and update Framework, while keeping visuals adapted to certain project.

              Change log:
              • Add Laser interaction, press menu button to enable. Buttons and Slider can be activated by laser. Use LaserInteract component
              • Added CanMove boolean to VRPawn to control, when pawn can move or not
              • Added colors to buttons and slider, setable per instance
              • Reafactor in button code to make to more readable and clean
              • [FIX] Correctly applying limits for rotational grab

              Downloads as usual
              Source >
              Binary build >
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                ENiKS Thank you so much for the Update. The laser pointer is pretty awesome. only one concern I have is, as I already developed my project based on the Template and customized some of the BPs from the framework. in order to keep it updated, I'd need to know which BPs have been changed exactly in order to merge them with my current project.
                As far as I guess, it should be : HandsBP , TouchControllerBP , VRpawn , 3D Buttons , Sliders
                is that right ?!


                  Hi Eniks

                  This is a fantastic template, thank you very much for sharing.

                  I would like to use the template as a base for my game art students at Escape Studios to create group VR projects. I would like them to create walking simulators with puzzles and I was wondering if smooth locomotion had been implemented?

                  Many thanks

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                    Alllesss - generally everything changes all the time. We've got a new LaserInteract component, VR Pawn changed, 3D Buttons and Slider changes, hands changed and both Touch and Vive controller BPs. The somewhat proper way would be to leave the /Framework/ folder intact and then create your own child override classes. But It may not work everytime :/ But if you got any meaningful changes, get in touch ;} I'd like the idea of this being more open source project with different contrinutors

                    sfenton - not yet unfortunately. We have some problems at our company (like one project taking shitload of time), so i can only implement features i need internally. More locomotion methods is high on the priority list, but i would need some free time first and not sure when will that happen :/
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                      Hi ENiKS, I've just discovered the Uvrf template that you have released and I'd like to start by saying a massive thankyou as it's really helping me get my head around how to do VR interactions. In fact I bought a set of Oculus touch controllers after trying out your demo!

                      I'm using it to help me prototype my VR game ideas and its really good fun to play with.

                      I'm wondering if you or anyone reading this could help me get my head around an idea that I've had to make it even more immersive. What I'd like to do is when you put an object down, let's say the can or the gun that you get a soft contact sound. Like in real life. But I'd like there to also be another sound if the item is landing on a surface after being thrown or dropped. Do you think somehow linking a collision sound to the velocity of the item hitting the surface would allow me to play a different contact sound? I don't want to just change the volume but want to play a different sound sample depending on how hard an item hits a surface.

                      Any help would be gratefully received.

                      Many thanks,



                        Hello @Bushey,

                        generally yes you can do an on-hit event then get velocity using Get Physics Linear Velocity at point of impact and based on that, switch on different sound based on speed. For immersion, you would need to consider material of the surface, ideally assign new Physics Material to each unique surface and then switch on that - for instance gun dropping on wood makes different sounds that on concrete than on metal. Perhaps best approach would be to create an Actor Component, where you can specify the matrix (speed - material - sound).
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                          Hi ENiKS I got something working using your method on a physics cube, it has two sounds based on velocity, one for large impact and one for soft impact, but I can't seem to get the gun to make a sound when it is put down or thrown.


                            When I download version 1.3, I am no longer able to perform any actions. The hands appear, but none of the inputs seem to be applied. Am I missing something? I am using UE4.19 and Oculus


                              Sometime the window loses focus in VR Preview, which produces exactly that effect... Just make sure the preview windows is focused. And once it happened to me and was fixed by restarting editor.
                              Proud member of iNFINITE Production - VR and hi-tech development studio (sometimes) available for hire.


                                Yeah, it fixed itself. Thanks! Do you have any plans on the next update?