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UVRF - Handpresence template for Rift / Vive // Update 1.9 GitHub release

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    Originally posted by ENiKS View Post
    //// for time being.
    I know I ask open ended questions (and too many...) - But I have nearly gotten to where I need to be, and just need help with the final hurdle (then you are rid of me forever except to accept a free copy of my game!)
    I bought this book: "Unreal VR Cookbook'' ( with it I learned to do a full IK Body, (w/ 'room scale' leg animation/turning, Motion Controller moving hands (finally), 'grabbing / manipulating / pick up working,.
    The last step is to incorporate UVRF so the hands will 'animate' (grip/grab) I have no problem adapting the animations in 3ds Max or any of the base level stuff like that,. my problem is literally how apply UVRF hands (to mine (that are also Mannequin based btw!)
    I had hoped working with Mannequin IK would be the thing that helps me get there but I have spent a year on this one thing and..; Normally I cna look insiode a thing and understand it, reverse engineer it, but with UVRF, even if I FIlter to show only blueprint, no 'hands' or 'pawns' or anything familiar show up, it is a completely different kind of thing and just too new for me, believe me, I'm very sorry I have to ask, I usually do everything myself and only ask when i have tried tried tried and tried,. .I have never had trouble like this with any other Unreal Game Kit or system (short of VR Expansion which is just insane.), Usually there is a VR Pawn, or a Actor or Character or SOMETHING familiar to double click and reverse engineer,.with UVRF it is like a brick wall every thing I try,. I can't even get close,....

    Understand please., I'm certainly not knocking the tool, It is AMAZING but,. it seems like it used to be .. easier,. like years ago. I was fully in and understood it all, i I was making custom hands on new objects etc, I was flowing! then something changed and it all got cryptic and impossible,.

    My game went into limbo then and I never have caught back up,.. Was there some big change where everything was hidden?
    (or maybe made 'not public' variables? <--- the limit of my programming verbage,..)

    I am at a breaking point (I know no one cares,.. blah blah blah,. another horses A$$ quits dev'ing or jumps off a cliff.. ) but I have spent 30 years teaching people to animate characters since 3DS Max was 3D Studio for DOS,. I am not just a 'johnny come lately'' - I have much to offer on a multitude of levels, I can maybe help you back for a soupcon of advice. Maybe I could review your next project or even advertise something, Does Infinite put out demos etc? I have thousands of VR oriented Youtube subscribers (for some reason I NEVER beg for subscribers),. Maybe you need a custom 90-piece orchestral score? (I compose and record and can emulate a philharmonic orchestra believably)
    I am perfectly happy to send you the full IK robot body (it's really cool!) VR Hands are the last thing I need before I can release a playable alpha and start to fill out the performances and fine tune the worlds for 'ship day',...
    I have the body, I have the Hands,; PLEASE help me combine the two?

    p.s. Not enough games have Full Body IK, I am willing to share my progress on that front with anyone who can help me get past this final technical hurdle before I can start to do the fun part of game design, the Animation and Art Part I actually enjoy,.


    Robert 'Woody' England
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      Does anyone know how to make the controls work with Unreal version 4.25?


        Can anyone please let me know, how can I use only the hands, hand anims, grabable component from this template in Unreal Engine default VR Template. I dont want Teleport options, Highlight options, distant grab options from this UVRF template. Please help me where I have to do necessary changes. I am new to VR