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UVRF - Handpresence template for Rift / Vive // Update 1.9 GitHub release

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    so i think the problem is that I cannot import the input configuration, how do i fix it ?


      PLEASE HELP! I had Free Locomotion working in UVRF, but since the update,I can't. I see a 'Framework' folder in the earlier version, with a VRPawn,. That is not in the newer version,.. I found the VRPawn etc in the NEW Version, but not in the Content folder, in the Plugins folder,. !!

      I guess the crux of my problem is: How do you see the Plugin Assets in the Content window if it isn't in the Content folder?

      THANK YOU!

      update: I always find everything myself, eventually Help for anyone who wonders where the 'Input controls' possibilities and VRPawn etc, are:
      In the content window (lower right), click 'View options', click: 'Show Plugin Content', --also you need the 'sources' frame showing (Click Toggle Icon far upper left of Content window) Pops out the 'explorer navigator' like 'frame' in the content window, in this frame you can access all the good stuff again!

      YAY!! Looks like this VRPawn may be updated for Oculus Quest (Android)... Cool.. This is the perfect tool, even a solo, independent relative newbieDev like myself, is making real use of it!

      Anybody know exactly how to credit this guy in a quasi-large production?
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        Originally posted by prinzessinplstk View Post
        so i think the problem is that I cannot import the input configuration, how do i fix it ?
        Hello, I think maybe you are missing the BP's and VRPawn to coordinate with the Inputs panel? See my post right above this one, it explains how to regain control, the way it was pre-update,... (I needed this to add Free VR Locomotion etc.)


          It appears the GrabHand Animations from UVRF are not compatible with this tool, they do not activate, there are folder name changes that make it (I think?) impossible to ever use the two,. I got a Candle to light up and pickup in the Menu program, but there are now 2 GRABBABLE Components, in UVRF the Framework folder is called Framework, in this Menu project it is UVRFFramework.. Is it necessary to be named that? Every time I think I make progress with this, 5 other thing prove to be not working or incompatible,. Maybe I could.. make a framework folder, MOVE the content from Framework, THEN try to Merge UVRF objects etc, with asset migrate?

          UPDATE: I go it working!! I created a folder called: Framework, then copied everything it would let me to that from UVRFFramework then I turned that into a template, I go into the UVRF Playground and migrate the OBJECTS (Not the Maps) and they are coming over with their wonderful interactive goodies (Lighter, Rotational Switch etc,. GREAT!!! NOW I am getting a REAL START on all this!!

          Next I will try adapting to the 4.22 version of UVRF (Which has the Framework not in the Content folder but in the Plugin folder..),
          I think it is just a matter of FOLDERS and stuff much like it was with this..! (except the Toggle Laser does not work in 4.22...) Maybe I will just make my game in 4.21 (even though I really wanted to use raytraced lighting),.. :|
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            Originally posted by andyxor View Post
            Just a question, how can i deactivate teleporting ?
            I have a navmesh because of some AI actors but i don´t like to teleport.

            Just You can use Nav Mesh Modifier, do something with easy and possible way))


              I downloaded this and opened the project in Unreal 4.23.0. Launched it on my Oculus Quest.
              After lots of compiling and such, it says "Running UVRFPlayground on Quest". But all I get is a black screen in the Quest. The guardian boundaries will come up if I move far enough, but that's about it. I have tried rebooting the Quest.

              After killing the app, I've looked and it doesn't show up under Unknown Sources.

              Any suggestions?


                Thanks, ENiKS!I am noticing that the user's height in VR feels higher than it does using the UE4 VR Template. (Using Oculus Quest) Has anyone else experienced this? One difference I noticed between the UVRF pawn and VR Template pawn is that the VR Template pawn has a Default Player Height of 180 under the Details panel. Does this matter? (I am new to Unreal Engine and VR development, so please excuse my ignorance.)


                  Correction to my post above. The VR camera height starts off at the correct height. However, it seems to be incorrect after teleporting. Does anyone know why the VR camera height would change after teleporting? Thank you.


                    Thank you ENiKS

                    Has anyone tested in 4.23 with Oculus Rift?

                    How do I activate / deactivate the laser?

                    The arc of the left teleporter is missing
                    Has anyone solved this?

                    Thank you


                      This looks awesome! It seems to be just what I was looking for, but after downloading the GitHub, I'm a little lost. Is there a step-by-step for implementing into an existing Unreal VR project? I was looking to just swap out the default VR hand meshes in my project. I realize there seems to be more functionality in this template, but I have no idea where to begin. Though I wouldn't say I'm a newbie to UE4... so a basic tutorial for implementing this would be very helpful. Thanks!


                        Has anyone had any experience with using this for multiplayer?


                          It certainly wasn't built with multiplayer in mind. Right now the project itself is somewhat abandoned, as I have plenty of other work and no time to work on UVRF. I've tried to get some support from Epic, Oculus and a few others for this project, so I can get at least some budget for it, but was rejected all times. While we're still using it internally at iNFINITE Production, it gets some development that will get released once completed (in H2 we will likely our own game with SteamVR input support, sometime before that we will need to finish SteamVR Input support for UVRF. We're also talking about a certain multiplayer project, in which case multiplayer would get supported, but it's still unknown whenever that project would fly. Also, no time to work on tutorials or anything. Sorry about that, but that's simply the state for time being.
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                            Hi ENiKS,

                            Great job, the framework is great!

                            Does anyone know how to take the object with both hands at the same time? a baseball bat a rifle ...



                              An amazing way to learn!
                              Is there a way to also show the controllers together with the hands?
                              Thank you!