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UVRF - Handpresence template for Rift / Vive // Update 1.9 GitHub release

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    ENiKS I downloaded the video and did an audio mix on it for you. PM'd you the link to new video with better audio for others to use.
    Thanks for posting it. I've successfully updated my project to the latest version now.
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      For some reason, after updating to the plugin version, I could no longer package and have the hands work. I searched and searched until I found this;

      Must Be Listed as Installed in .uplugin

      Open your .uplugin in a text editor and make sure that Installed is set to be true!
      "Installed": true,

      Your plugin will not package unless this is set to true!
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        ENiKS hey how's it going? I'm trying to change UVRF to use trigger instead of grip to grab. This is fine and easy, but I want to update the grip animation with the trigger. I can do this for the right hand fine, but it doesn't work for the left hand. I've tried everything! Any suggestions? I just want it so when I push trigger, it closes the hand like it does with grip. Easy for right hand, can't do it for left though... any help would be appreciated. To illustrate what I'm trying to ask, the blue circled one works, the red doesn't. Why is this??
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          If you click on the note, there is a small checkbox saying 'consume input'. Uncheck it.
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            Originally posted by ENiKS View Post
            UVRF is ‘hand presence’ cross platform template including hands that are properly placed in space (per platform), properly animated, allows interaction with objects including UI elements and teleport locomotion. Also including shooting range demo to shows how things can work together.

            Find it here:

            Plugin frameworkpart (that can be copied from projects to project)
            > Hands that are properly placed in space and rotated
            > 17 Grab animations for different objects
            > actions with Thumb or Index finger are sent to grabbed object
            > boost for throws based on movement in last 200ms
            > per platform input mapping and logic
            > basic haptics
            > teleport locomotion using NavMesh (with rotation support on Rift)
            > Touch UI elements - buttons of various sizes and slider bar
            > [Since 1.2] Directional and Rotational grabs for levels, sliders, valves, drawers etc.
            > [SInce 1.3] Laser interactions with UI and other objects
            > [Since 1.9] UMG Interactions
            > [Since 1.9] Prefabs for 3D keyboard and numeric keypad

            > [Since 1.9] Finger actions for fine interactions

            Playground part:
            Instead of a feature showing map, we created a simple underground bunker experience with shooting range to show how things can work together. The assets are high quality.
            > Gun that supports real reloading (magazines are all around)
            > [Since 1.2] Bow practice range, with separate arrow objects
            > [Since 1.2] Bow targets thats have adjustable distance from shooter

            > Target practice that counts score (first 10 bullets)
            > Bullets can break lights or steam pipes around.
            > Lighter that can lit up candles or dynamites
            > Explosive, Smoke and Flashbang grenades
            > Cup and can for grabs
            > Also, there is a hidden fidget spinner

            Licence: MIT

            The purpose of this
            While there are more advanced VR templates, and shout out to those maintaining them, we wanted to create something simple, that can be copied from project to project, that’s simple to understand and build upon. Other problem there was was solving multiplatform input, when we often want things behave differently based on what platform is being used. The input model ControllerBP > HandBP > Ingame objects solves that.

            Rift + Touch
            HTC Vive with original controllers
            (more will be hopefully added soon)

            Update 1.9

            - Moved UVRF to be a content only plugin (and soon to be content & code plugin), this should make it easier to update and manage
            - This release is actually on GitHub, a feature requested by many - if you make changes, new features, feel free to create pull request so that the number of features will grow
            - Added keyboard and keypad actors to make it possible to enter text and numbers in VR using your hands
            - Buttons now have a value that is returned on trigger, useful when binding multiple buttons to one action with just different settings
            - Finger Actions - Renamed Index collider to Finger collider and they can now have actions as well. There is new component called Finger Action Proxy that that can be added to actors that needs to react finger actions. When finger action is fired, closest actor to the finger tip within radius receives the event. This is intended when needed to precisely select actor to interact with. In future releases we plan to have actions for all finger for devices that can track more fingers.
            - Hands can now interacts with UMG widgets - both indexfinger can press buttons and via laser, when laser is enabled. UMG interactions are expected to be update by next release.
            - Added canMove and canGrab to VRPawn to limit movement or interaction capabilities.

            Update 1.2
            Directional and Rotational grabs for levels, sliders, drawers etc.
            Bow shooting range

            Update 1.1
            Oculus Dash Support
            Added ClearGrab, when object can no longer be grabbed
            Added GrabObject function to HandBP, so object can be grabbed as reaction to some ingame event (like changing objects in hand)
            Grab now looks for closest object to grab, which is useful when there are multiple small objects around
            Highlights the object that is about to be grabbed, this is Optional - set the correct flag in HandBP and requires custom stencil enabled.
            Adjusted hand position for Touch controllers for better fit
            Touch controller model added, with permission from Oculus. The model remains under Oculus SDK License (included in Touch controller root).

            Particle flipbooks from Unity were used, as well as sound assets from freesound, both were released under CC0 licence.

            Hope you’ll find this useful!



              hi, i new using UE4 i want to set different function for the buttons, but i can't find where set it.
              Some one could help me?


                Make a blueprint class, add static mesh here, add grabbable component, on begin to "set relative grab". For volume use the static mesh, for animation use fist. Here you go.
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                  Thanks ENiKS, that was the issue, now grab works perfectly with trigger, also updating the close hand animation properly on both hands. I appreciate you!


                    Just wanted to say a BIG thank you... Just this perfect thank and thank and thaaaank you so much !!!


                      ENiKS , thank you for all your work! Quick question: Is the PhysicsHandle inside the HandBP used in the current configuration or will it be expanded upon in future updates?


                        Originally posted by john.waynick View Post

                        The reason this is happening is because the Quest is still considered a mobile device and mobile has a limitation on skeletal meshes for the maximum number of bone influences per vertex. The hand mesh in the plugin has too many influences.

                        This is an easy fix if you are using 4.22 because you can use the skeletal mesh Auto-LOD tool in the engine. Just go to the mesh, look for the LOD settings, then set the Max Influences to 4 and the triangle resolution to 0.99. Hit "Recalculate LOD" and you should be good to go. If you're on an earlier version of the engine, you'll just have to export it and reduce the number of influences in your 3D software of choice.
                        Hi I tried that method. It isn't working on the Quest. Max Influences already = 4. I set the triangle percentage to 0.99 and regenerated LOD.
                        Please Help.

                        To ENiKS amazing work. Might wanna consider setting up a Patreon account or a gift option, tonnes of devs would be willing to pay for your contributions.