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UE 4.4 Oculus 0.4.1 Integration

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    Upgrading my internet from 20Mbps to 100Mbps tonight, which will include a hefty upload increase as well. I'll put my compiled 4.3.1 w/ 0.4.1 SDK support up tonight or tomorrow. I need to recompile it to re-enable the health warning though.

    After that I'll get to doing 4.4 w/ 0.4.1 SDK support as well.

    Edit: Well, I spent some time building the 4.4.1 w/ 0.4.1 SDK support branch, but according to this it needs to be patched first.

    I'll spend some time tonight preparing a 4.3.1 w/ 0.4.1 SDK support build. I'm going to set up TeamCity (which is free for ~20 build configs btw, even for professional use ) for continuous integration so that I don't have to manually do this every time.
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