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Little Island - DK2 Demo

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    Little Island - DK2 Demo

    Below you can find a micro demo for DK2 I have created. Demo is very simple and it is based on starter UE assets. Main goal of this project was to check Unreal Engine performance in terms of Oculus support. Scene is a small island on the middle of the ocean. To have everything less boring I have also implemented three animations: Whale, Meteor, and a Giant (my favorite ). To start animations just use the button on the island.

    Click image for larger version

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    Most important part of the demo are the options available under F1- F4 keys. This are:
    F1- FPS counter on/of
    F2- Upscaling mode (range from 80%-200%)- default value:100%
    F3- rendering limit size (range from 0 - 14) - default value: 0
    F4- overall quality settings (based on UE documentation shadows, material, AA, and post process is manipulated) - default value: Epic

    I have implemented performance options to find best possible configuration. Unfortunatelly it feels like scalability of UE 4 is not well implemented for Oculus right now. Please try to experiment with the settings. It would be nice if you could post your findings with information about your GPU and CPU configuration here. You should take 75 FPS as a target to prevent a horrible judder what is common in DK2 projects.

    Information how to start the demo:
    Because Unreal Engine 4 is not correctly supporting SDK 0.4 to start demo you need to switch oculus to Extend Desktop mode in Rift Display Mode, then start it from "START (for SDK 0.4 version)" batch file. This batch file will kill three Oculus processes causing Unreal projects not working. To start processes again you will need to restart windows.

    You can also use Bilago Ouclus Runtime Utility (thank you man!) to Start / Stop those services (really nice tool).

    Demo download link:

    The Andronauts

    Cool thanks, should be handy as a basic benchmark to compare performance and talk about optimization in general.