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object weight in VR

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    object weight in VR

    I'm using UE 4.16.3

    I'm currently playing around with the built in VR blueprints and maps and I'm able to add other static mesh objects that can be picked up, I finally figured out if I move the pivot in maya and import it I can make the object snap to that location, for something like a sword or gun.

    However what I'm having difficulty with now is object weight., currently I'm trying a sword, and it seems like it weighs nothing, when I throw it it just spins out of control... I want the object to have a bit of heft to it. I've tried changing the weight in the static mesh details of the blueprint. I've tried changing linear and angular dampening... limiting angular velocity.... nothing.... the object just flies out of control.

    I'm just using the basic built in VR blueprint, nothing special yet.

    also is there an easier way to set where to grab an object? I've tried, sockets and those don't seem to work very well. setting the pivot in maya does work, I'm sure there's a better option I just can't figure it out.


    Hi liftedplane,

    for the weight I would also try the settings in the static mesh. Make sure you enable gravity and tick the weight checkbox. maybe you can change the weight stated there to a extremely high value to test of this does help. This is the only thing I know of. For me this worked pretty good all the time.

    Regarding the sockets, try to follow this guide:
    Using sockets may be the best solution.
    I am using the Proteus VR template (it's in the forum here as well) for all my VR-Projects, and in the testlevel that comes with the template, you will find different objects that can be picked up by the player - and there's also a sword, with working sockets! maybe you should check it out and you will see what you are doing worng.