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    [OCULUS] Shink effect for VR Character

    I am currently trying to implement a shrinking effect for my VR Character (Oculus Rift). My player is normally in normal size and shall have the ability to shrink itself to a small, ant like size. So I tried using "Set World to Meters Scale" and it seemed to work, but I guess it has a limit in size, whenever I go below 0.1 I get rendering issues. So I thought about scaling the whole world by 10 and setting the default Meter scale to 1000. This works but now I have a problem with positional tracking when the player is shrinked.

    My player is driving in a "cart" and here the problems begin. In normal state, everything is ok, also positional tracking of the HMD looks good. But after shrinking (setting World to Meters Scale to 0.1) positional tracking doesnt seem to work and also my "cart" doesnt scale corretly. I tried scaling it manually together with setting World to Meters Scale but still my player cant lean "outside" of it.

    Just shrinking the Character doesnt seem to work, since then I get huge stereo rendering problems like images are too far apart so you instantly get headaches.

    Is there a better way to shrink a VR player than using "Set World to Meters Scale", which keeps positional tracking working and is able to shrink to very small sizes?

    some time ago, I had a similar project were I tried to shrink the player so he could walk around ant sized. I ran into serious collision problems, falling through the floor etc. I endet up with not shrinking the player pawn but enlarging exerything else. Perhaps this workes here too?


      Ok, so you took every actor in the scene and scaled it up? Does the position scale too? I have concerns about objects being in the wrong location.


        right, but I faked some of the distant actors with billboards. If I remember correctly you have to group all the actors first and then scale them up to keep their position. Don't know if this is a good solution - I'm no developer, just doing this in my freetime :-)