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[Help] How can you use lean to strafe - HMD positional tracking

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    [OCULUS] [Help] How can you use lean to strafe - HMD positional tracking


    I am fairly new to this but having a blast learning! I know how to program Breakout in Python so thought this would be a good transition game. I gave made the game in UE using blueprints - cheated a bit.

    I want to make a Breakout clone where the gamer is the paddle (camera set just above paddle's centre). When the player leans to the left, the paddle moves left. The further left the player leans, the greater the paddle's movement. It seems to be quite unconventional.

    Is this fairly straightforward? If so, I would be very greatful for some heads up!

    Many thanks!


    I guess reading the camera local position should work. Have the player push a button to set rest position. Then move the player based on the cameras deviation from this position.

    My first VR prototype (DK2) was a pong like game with the paddle controled by gaze.


      Also, beware that your control idea could cause VR sickness. You can limit the problem by having any movement be at a single fixed speed. No accelerarion.