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(ARKIT UE4) Unable to make work on ArkIt installation

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  • (ARKIT UE4) Unable to make work on ArkIt installation

    Hello, I'm attempting to create the project files for the ARKIT project, I downloaded the zip folder from the repository and ran Setup.command. After the setup, it said "[complete]" and then I attempted to run but it only opens a document with code inside. I tried running GenerateProjectFiles.command but it states that UnrealBuildTools is missing.
    I am using a MAC Book Pro with XCode beta

    "After cloning the repository and checking out the dev-ar-kit branch, run Setup.command in the repository root directory to download binary dependencies and content required to run UE4.
    Following that, run the script in the root folder of your installation folder. This will generate UE4.xcworkspace in the same folder. Open this project in Xcode.
    Once Xcode is open, select the ShaderCompileWorker scheme and build it.
    When this is finished, select the UnrealLightmass scheme and build it.
    When this is finished, select the ARSample scheme. Edit it to be sure the build configuration is Development Editor, then build and run. When the build is finished, it will launch the ARSample project in the UE4 Editor."

    I am a Windows user, so any more clarification on make this work on Mac will be highly appreciated.

    Thank You.

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    Also a Windows user here, struggling to enjoy UE4/ARKit on a Mac ;-)

    After pulling down that branch, open a Terminal window to its directory, and run "sh" and then "sh" (or double click both little *.command wrappers for the same effect). You should then have the xcode project file to open.

    Don't skip the step from the notes to "sudo xcode-select -s /Applications/", to designate which version of XCode is "active".

    I'm interested to know if you have success with the rest. The latest check-in to the dev-arkit branch fixed some compilation errors for XCode beta 2, but there are new errors if you have beta 3 when compiling the ARSample editor (see the thread

    Sadly, there's been no word from Unreal on that branch and when it'll be fixed or merged into the release.

    So if you have not updated to beta 3 of Xcode 9 and IOS11, I would try without first. I'm going to try again with a copy of XCode 9 beta 2, but knowing Apple, likely can't roll back to beta 2 on my phone.

    Good luck!
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      I was able to get the binaries and project files, I re-downloaded everything from GitHub and updated the engine to 4.16. It seems to be able to launch the StarterContent but the ARSample project won't open because it is missing the Apple ARkit Plugin...I see there's an ARKit folder including the plugin inside Runtime folder, so why isn't it detecting it?


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        Yeah, that ARSample project is only usable from the dev-arkit branch source build of the editor. Building and running the ARSample project from within XCode actually launches a full version of the UE4 editor with the plugin and whatever other support it needs.
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          Yeah, I managed to run the xcode project generated and I see the project files in XCode, however, after signing development certificates and the rest, I launch it and it fails to build, any suggestions?


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            No, sorry that's the spot I'm stuck in as well. It's not clear if anyone can get this to work now, unless there's some other place that Unreal folks talk about this stuff.