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WOW - Too Much information!! Where to start!

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    [VIVE] WOW - Too Much information!! Where to start!

    Good day all,
    I have been slowly working on checking off my education for all of the items I need to learn in order to do game development for VR including:
    sound music etc (FL Studio) check
    animations - 3D/2D asset creation (Sketchup, Blender, GIMP) check
    and now am learning the hardest part
    programming. I tried gamemaker and unity and ended up buying a lot of items (training / state machines etc) which Unreal has prebuilt into it and therefore decided to try Unreal.

    The sheer volume of information has me at a bit of a standstill. My current plan is to learn standard gaming with Unreal first by following any tutorials I can find and then moving on to VR
    including all the sections in the documentation under the VR Live training
    which brings up my two questions for others that have done this or are in the process of it
    Do you recommend going straight for VR first or learning basics first? my thought is the basics will still mostly apply (but don't want to learn a lot that will not apply if it will not be pertinent)
    Where (links etc) would you suggest I go first?

    where is the best place to find tutorials for learning to program (especially VR) using the Unreal engine?

    Personally I think that first you'd need to go for basics. Learning editor, overall API knowledge, blueprints and so on. Also, I'm not sure what your plans are, but trying to go for all aspects of development (sound design, 3d art and animation, programming) will leave you in somewhat bad spot. It's just too much for one man to handle and do successfully.

    Learn the basics first and then move onto doing VR. As far as programming is concerned, VR doesn't change much. In my opinion thing that is way different compared to standard desktop/console games is gameplay designs (mechanics, functionalities and so on). With VR you reimplement/redesign what you've learned from classic games. VR is still a new thing and hasn't showed it's full potential yet, be it hardware and software related.

    There are tons of stuff on YT, tutorial related. I'd start of by looking onto VR Template provided by epic, Tom Looman's VR Starter Guide and later on community templates and plugins (VR Expansion Plugin and Proteus VR Template, both can be easily found on the forums here).
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      I'd recommend doing a small, complete project first before trying VR. For the simple reason that when you don't know what you're doing, you'll be guessing at things and doing a LOT of trial and error. You'll want to run and test your work very often, and putting the headset on and off and on and off and on and off gets very tiresome.


        Appreciate the responses folks. I made games in the past so am familiar with most game making basics, mainly would like to find an all encompassing tutorial series as I am very much a do A then B type of learner. I have always learned best when following a complete start here end here type of tutorial, and none of the examples i have seen thus far start you off from the beginning, they all seem to assume Ive already used the tool so know what do. RE-Games, looks like you have the basic idea of exactly what I would like to do. Just having problems finding any tutorials that cover things from start to finish.