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    [GEAR VR] VR Character Coding

    Hey everyone,

    So in a nutshell, I'm a writer working on a screenplay involving virtual reality. I seem to be in a bit of a fix regarding the actual mechanics behind coding (I apologize if I'm using that term incorrectly), and was hoping to see if anyone here could spare the time to help out.

    Basically, all I'm looking for is a dozen or so lines of codes that would be a standard in creating any advanced virtual world. If it pertains specifically to creating a character (ex. Michelle), the better it'd be for the script. I've searched all over the internet, but could only find lengthy tutorials on "how to," none of which I could understand.

    In the event that anyone can help, thanks in advance. If not, then thanks anyway, and have a great day

    It's hard to answer with zero context. What are you specifically trying to do? Do you want the actual process, or is it Hackers style eyecandy?


      The scene I need it for is just in the beginning, where it basically goes through a montage of the process behind creating a virtual reality program.

      I included a picture as an example. Anything that looks like that (I apologize for sounding like some ridiculous moron). So basically, if there was any process for creating (or an example of) a source code for creating the layout of a virtual world or characters, it would be a great help.
      Click image for larger version

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        Na thats not how it works these days. In the old days of the C64 everything was made using code. Sound, gameplay, graphics and so on. Its not like the matrix where you see a guy in front of a computer screen with flowing lines of code. Yes people still do code using C++ but everything else is much more visual based. You can see the characters that you can put in the game regarding their meshes. There's no adding code to put them in a virtual environment. What ever they are contained in, blueprint or spawner you drag that object into the game. Whether you are making a game for VR or a 2D screen the process is the same. For a better idea look at the below video.

        To add a player character look at this video.

        I don't work with C++ myself but if you insist on having code that represents putting a player character into the world then I'm sure there is someway to reference the player character blueprint and add him using C++. I don't know if that process is so drawn out that no one would use it over the other methods or whether its easier. Someone who works with C++ might be better to answer that than me.
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          Thanks for the reply. That actually helps me a lot.


            There is no reason creating and placing the character can't be done in code. If you are use C++ the coding of the character would definitely be like you describe. In the fictional engine you could even use a script to insert or modify a character in a running game. (This can be done in UE with skookumscript.)

            If it is important to get it right I would would get a game programmer to make a custom code section for you that not only is "correct" but also the feeling you want to a non technical reader.


              Thanks for the reply, HavocX. It's important for the screenplay to feel as authentic as possible, but it's not something that I can't do without. I'll try looking for a game programmer, and if it doesn't amount to anything, I'll leave it be.

              I appreciate the help