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Vive vs Oculus Buying Advice (For Those Who Have Used Them In UE)

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    I haven't used my Vive since Touch arrived. I find the Rift a lot easier to put on and off which is pretty important, also integrated headphones is handy. Also the trackpad vs analogue sticks is something to think about if you want to use either in your project.

    Great price for the Rift at the moment as well.

    I had a little look at the VR editor a while ago, it seems pretty cool. I've actually made most things I want in my project editable in game already so not really used it much though.


      Vive could be used very well for room-scale and sit-down VR out of the box. If you need more sensors and extra controllers or whatever you have to count this into the price as well.
      I've tested both with UE4 and both work well. Rift is nice. But if I would create some roomscale VR game then I would use Vive. It was created for this kind of VR (including controllers from beginning) and the room scale tracking is amazing. There are still very few VR users (and it seems it's not exploding soon) ... there are some with Vive (that already got everything for roomscale when you buy from first day) and there are some with Rift DK2.... and there are some with Rift final with Xbox controller and there are some with Rift that own touch ... and maybe there are even a few that own Rift and touch and a second sensor or third sensor. If you create this game for Vive you could put it on Steam and both (Rift+touch+2nd-sensor users and Vive users) should be able to be your customer. There would be some that own Rift and touch and a second sensor but still don't like your game because they don't like... fantasy... or lasers or... arcarde or... whatever type of game.
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