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Display Seperate Camera On Monitor for Mixed Reality Recording

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    [OCULUS] Display Seperate Camera On Monitor for Mixed Reality Recording

    I'm trying to take advantage of Oculus' new Mixed Reality feature for my VR Experience, but in order to do that properly I need a seperate camera in the scene (that's parented to a Rift motion controller), with the same specs as the real-life camera, to render to the monitor instead of the Rift's view. Does anyone have any ideas how this could possibly be done within BP? I understand it would basically mean rendering the scene 3 times, but I'm not too worried about that as our mixed reality capture rig is using a 1080Ti.

    I am currently investigating on this matter and haven't found a way.
    Interestingly in 4.17 preview, there is a new blueprint-accessible method is available: "SetSpectatorScreenTexture".
    This texture could be a camera render texture?

    I can't get it to work and there is no documentation or examples yet...
    If someone knows how, and if it's supposed to work when launching in-editor that would be great!

    On the CPP side, this method points here:

    Which then by default points to: