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[QUESTION] Help showing legs in third person VR

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    [OCULUS] [QUESTION] Help showing legs in third person VR

    How do I keep character mesh (attached to camera) on floor when using VR HMD?

    I want to attach my my character mesh to my camera so that it follows along with the camera, behind the camera so when I look down I can see my legs.

    When I attach my skeletal mesh to the first person camera and then I rotate my head down the character goes through the floor,

    Is there a way to keep the character mesh perpendicular with the floor?

    I attached a picture with my character mesh infront of my camera to show the problem I'm having. I wish I could lock the rotation along the z axis but when I tried doing that in first person character blueprint options it didn't do anything.

    I'm using 4.15

    Thanks for any help you can give me.
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