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    [PLAYSTATION VR] TRIP exclusive for playstation

    The Real Inside Projection
    A game based on first person look with licensed music from artists around the globe and polygon minimal graphics in 4k exclusive for playstation4 pro 1080p for ps4
    Game about drugs history modern music history and modern times history evolution moments (Mile Stones of our times) from 1900 till 2018
    Exclusive chapter of game about history of Goa/Psytrance 27 years of music genre 1990-2018
    Game system is symulation of real life with special ,,vision mode'' after taking drugs
    the music fits to corner of the world and year the drugs are key items to playtrought
    Random system of situations and visuals in ,,vision mode''
    2140p 30fps on Playstation 4 Pro in Story Mode / 2140p 60p in simulation mode PS4 Pro
    1080p 60 fps on ps vr on ps4 / 1080p 120fps on ps4 pro
    Controls based on Vr different from normal version
    Playstation Move Compatible
    No CGI all scenes are rendered from game engine
    Concept Arts in Vector graphics in 16k resolution bonus
    Music in SACD quality 192khz 24bit 7.1 and wav 24bit 48khz licensed music in 3D
    After Year 1979 Walkman in Inventory
    No Loadings in game all in background
    Simple Textures In Vector technique (16k) for 120fps standard
    Pastel colors polygon graphics style