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Access PC create menu in VR

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    Access PC create menu in VR


    Just wondering if its possible to gain access to a blueprint created menu for a PC version of a UE4 viz in a VR version of the same viz using either keyboard/mouse or controller?

    Atm to activate menu user right clicks mouse button.

    Is this possible to do with a VR version? Gain access to the mouse?
    Or can we bind the trigger on teh controller to do the same action?

    Any help here would be great.

    Thank You.



      Hi salm

      Just to reiterate:

      We have two version of this UE4 viz.

      A PC and a VR version.

      PC version work fine. It has a multi layered menu system (2D Widget) that when you select the buttons it changes aspects within the scene.

      For VR version can we port the 2D menu widget as-is and attach it to one of the Controllers?

      Not sure if above link you sent can do that for a 2D widget.

      Do let me know.

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        btw if anyone else happens to know the solution for this please get in touch. i can pay to have this issue resolved. on a short timeline unfortunately.


          Honestly I'm not too experienced with UE4's UI system, but there is no '2d widget' it's just a widget blueprint that renders to the screen. All I do is attach a Widget Component to my motion controllers, along with a Widget Interaction Component to emulate a mouse.

          What version UE are you running?


            3DVUE you just have to use your widgets as 3d widgets in thir own blueprint (or ni the controller blueprint) and setup the interaction with them using a button or an overlap, there are some videos in youtube that explain the "widget interaction component" wich is the one you need.



              Hi 3DVUE

              I had the same situation to resolve a few week ago. Here the thread : .

              In this case I wanted to create an interactive floor plan connected to the motion controller, but you can use the same configuration for a menu widget. Here a simple example :
              Click image for larger version

Name:	VRShowDebug.jpg
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              Like Juangea said, you only need to put a widget interaction component inside your motion controller blueprint, link it to your menu widget and place, scale and orientate it inside the viewport of the motion controller blueprint.

              I hope this will help you!
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                Hi All

                Thanks for all your replies.

                User Lone_Rebel15515 managed to fix my problem. Big ups to him!