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Gear VR Controller few questions

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    [GEAR VR] Gear VR Controller few questions

    Right now the Gear VR only supports 1 controller but i read on the oculus forum that in the future it will support two controllers.

    But Questions

    Will unreal support the two controller when available or the input system just read one gear vr controller?

    What input do i put to use the gear VR controller sorry for asking but the documentation only takes the oculus and vive as examples
    What blueprints shall i use to get the rotation , position on track pack on the gear, position on track on controller and input buttons on the controller.

    Does unreal treat the headset track pad same as the controller track pad?

    Sorry for my bad English
    And thanks in advance

    Okay so light in this Doc to anyone who may need it, still need more info about the other stuff


      I'm also interested in documentation about the GearVR controller.


        The link I posted is what is is right now but is more than enough


          Originally posted by Jose Gabriel View Post
          The link I posted is what is is right now but is more than enough
          does it work with the old Gear VR Touchpad?? any one tried it???


            the touch pad its like the android touchscreen