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Request for 0.4 support: Expose ovrhmd_EnableHSWDisplaySDKRender

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    its stupid always get that message, its good implement this in a game the first time the user run display, then have the option for not show more. that all.

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    So I went to go expose this function in the Oculus branch of 4.3.1 that has 0.4.1 SDK support, and found that ovrhmd_EnableHSWDisplaySDKRender is not exposed from the SDK anymore. :/

    Edit: Looks like someone figured out how to do it.
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  • Request for 0.4 support: Expose ovrhmd_EnableHSWDisplaySDKRender

    Hey everyone, I ran into this recent discussion about disabling the health and safety warning (for various reasons, not least of which is that it is poorly implemented and does not even follow Oculus best practices, being stuck to the face).

    I, like many others on the forums there, would like to implement our own less obnoxious and better integrated HSWs. To do so, the only way right now seems to be to call the 0.4 SDK's experimental function (ovrhmd_EnableHSWDisplaySDKRender - passing HMD ref and a bool).

    I would love if this function could be exposed to the engine so that we can easily work around this or implement our own (properly integrated/follow best practices) warnings, and also not have to see the SDK one pop up every time we start or stop our games for testing (seriously obnoxious, especially as it's hardcoded to stay visible for 2s even if you dismiss it).

    If it's not in there for the the version of the engine that will support the 0.4 SDK, I'd love to add a pull request for it.

    Edit: I figured I'd post this now and ask for it before (presumably) 0.4 SDK support is already done, so that you guys have time to fit it in if possible. I think this will be a serious annoyance if we don't have a way to disable it or implement our own (better) warnings.
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