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White flash at game start

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    [PLAYSTATION VR] White flash at game start

    Hi Everybody,

    on PSVR, when the game start (at the very beginning when the console enters VR mode, to be precise) we experience a white flash, as if the framebuffer is not cleared to black in the very first frame of rendering. The problem does not occur with Oculus. The problem is that Sony confirmed that this is a MUST FIX bug and it is preventing us to publish our game. Any insight about how we might fix the problem? I tried digging in the Unreal Engine code to find where the framebuffer is allocated but I could not find the exact spot and any guidance would be welcome.

    Thanks in advance,

    Just for the records, the problem was created by the Unreal Engine. In a few places (four different places in GnmManager.cpp to be exact) the engine is pushing a GWhiteTexture on both eyes when reprojection textures are not ready yet. This may be good when debugging the engine but is insane in release builds of a game. I simply replaced those GWhiteTexture with GBlackTexture... et voilĂ ! No more white flashes.


      Without compromising the integrity of our PlayStation NDA, Thank you soooo much!