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    Originally posted by VirtueeL View Post

    will more examples be uploaded? will you allow the community to submit example projects?
    Mhousse1247 I second that, I thik it would be a cool idea to put together some VR examples from the community. I can donate my beerpong concept here, I just need to make it look like it takes places in a space station like yours!

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      Hey Virtueel
      I have been working on my own simplified vr mesh slicing, but I have issues with accuracy of the cuts sometimes.
      I tried to makes more changes and experiment a bit using some of the code you have in yours , But without luck.

      I you have any advice on where I am going wrong I would love to hear it.

      I have managed to get my procedural mesh slicing working in VR but its very buggy. There are issues with both the accuracy & cut direction and sometimes the