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    [VIVE] Stereo Layer in preview window

    Is it possible to show Stereo Layers in preview window?
    I've been looking at the UE source without any luck. I have a hard time understanding why doesn't the Stereo Layer show up in the preview window in the first place.

    Any tips would be appreciated!

    Another possibility to solve my problem would be to render something only in the preview window. If that isn't possible would it be possible to not render something in hmd but show it everywhere else?
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    I'm also searching for a solution to this problem. Have you found any?
    I'm using a sphere to fade the environment out without hiding my HUD, since camera fade hides it. The problem is that the sphere material needs to be Translucent and the translucent HUD renders always behind it, since Unreal considers the sphere as closest to the camera and renders it above the HUD widget.
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      That isn't the same problem, he was looking at using stereo layers but allowing the mirror screen to see it too (not possible without forcing the engine to use the SimpleStereoLayers implementation, Stereo layers are API / Compositor side only generally), although now you could mirror to screen with the new mirror modes.

      Your problem on the other hand would straight up be solved by just using stereo layers in the first place, because of the very same issue he had witch works to your benefit in this case. Unless specifically flagged in the Oculus version all stereo layers by default are drawn above everything else.

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