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Warehouse with many Pallet Racks

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    [OCULUS] Warehouse with many Pallet Racks


    I have a Scene with a huge amount of instanced objects:

    My setup: I've created a row of Racks, pallets and cardboard boxes and instanced these rows. But the performance is very bad.
    How can I achieve better results?

    One row of Racks has 100600 tris, boxes 125000 tris and pallets 15000 tris

    combining all together isn't working for me cause the size of the lightmap will explode.

    would be nice to get some ideas, what I can do
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    Lods, merge actors, check lightmap resolution, consider adding in some options for occluding to break it up a bit like large cargo containers etc. Always a good idea to also profile gpu in console to get a snapshot of what's really happening.


      thanks for the reply. atm one row of actors is merged would you merge more?

      edit: also a problem I see, when I merge objects, lod can't work?!
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