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Record player attention in VR - Architecture research

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    Record player attention in VR - Architecture research

    Hi All,

    I been working in UE4 for some time for Academic purposes around Architecture, and I have always wondered how to learn from the players experience while using vr.

    So just now I saw this post

    And I was wondering if it is possible to do with ue4 and some blueprints,.

    It would be awesome if someone could give me a hint on what to look for.


    That'd be very possible to do, yes.

    I'd start by obviously using a line trace from the players hmd and you could easily record which "mesh" or object they are looking at. Doing the heatmap thing would also be possible but beyond my expertise of materials. To record the movements and playback you would want to store the transform of the player each tick or with a timer. Save each value to an array, when the user is done store that array in a savegame file. To playback you'd have to write the code/blueprints to playback this information from the array.
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