So I read through the contents on setting up a project to work with VR. But the thing is I'm trying to set up something for mobile phones. Now I followed the steps in the contents and somethings they say to enable such as multi view window doesn't show up, so I can't enable it, and I'm using v4.13. I looked for some tutorials on YouTube and they all packaged the project and said that it will now work, the steps in the contents say to package as well. Do I have to package it every time I want to test it? I try launching it to my phone and even when it says "Launch Complete" it doesn't launch to my phone and when it does, it crashes. My phone is a LG G5 and the headset I'm using is the Samsung Gear VR, I'm aware that my phone wont sync with it to use the controls on the headset but I used it to play apps with controller support so I know my phone can handle VR. I don't know if I'm missing a step or what, but I'm in a stand still. Help please? Haha.