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Tracking Vive headset in large roomscale

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    [VIVE] Tracking Vive headset in large roomscale

    I am looking for a solution to use the Vive hardware to work in a bigger roomscale ( about 20x20 meters ), with tracking needs for up to ten real players in that room, with Vive headsets, controllers and some additional Vive pucks.
    In one word ( more or less): I am probably looking for alternative hardware for tracking the Vive in a large roomscale.
    Are there any success stories around, someone is willing to share?
    Thanks, d.

    Hi Daniel,

    I created a "boundless" setup using a mocap suit and the DK2, in order to be completely wire-free and be able to move around the environment without any issues, very similar to The Void and Zero Latency, but with some additional setup ( full body based on 32 sensors, without using tracking cameras ).

    As of now I've improved the entire setup ( optimization and accurate traverl distance in VR compare to the real world scale ) and I'm about to integrate this solution using the Vive ( I just received the 2 Tracker kits ), but it will be more complicated for the setup.

    It'll take a bit to achieve the same results with the Vive ( due to some technical issues ), but it'll be done in short time.

    Pros using the DK2:
    - Less then 5 minutes setup
    - No cameras ( DK2 uses Gyro, everything is done by the mocap suit )
    - Easy integration of features on the VR Pawn ( teleport, real hands interactivity, menu interaction, and so on )

    Cons using the DK2:
    - Latency ( around 30ms or so ), not ideal for fps, but very good for horror or interactive-based experiences
    - Require a 3k $ Backpack VR Laptop ( MSI VR One )

    Pros using the Vive:
    - 30 seconds setup
    - Ideal for every setup due to no latency
    - Customizable based on customer request ( using the Trackers )
    - Higher resolution

    Cons using the Vive:
    - Camera based ( complicated setup and not really comfortable )
    - Still require a Backpack VR laptop ( until the wireless setup is released )

    If you're interested feel free to contact me
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