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    Originally posted by YuriNK View Post
    AFAIK - no. iPi Studio doesn't support input from VR devices, at least for now. But you can make your own software There is a nice plugin for Kinect in UE4. You can record animation from skeletal mesh with RecordAnimation command and then export it to fbx.
    Gotta say I've never heard of direct Kinect-UE integration!
    I read about it a bit and found only Kinect 2 support (while I'm still using the ol' 360s), but that might turn into another investment for the studio later on (if I'll find it can actually cut iPi out of the pipeline, reducing costs and minimizing the amount of steps from mo-cap to animation in UE...).
    At least the lack of VR support makes the decision a tad simpler.
    Can't actually fathom a way or a reason to integrate VR with mo-cap, was hoping someone has already figured it out. I'll think about it a bit myself.


      Notice: I mean the plugin for Kinect 2.
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        For me, its the motion controllers that wins it for me and therefore i prefer Oculus. I hate the unwieldy Vive controllers that have a weird button set up that's just awkward to hold and don't have as many features as the touch controllers.
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          I have both of them, but tracking and room scale works better on Vive for me. I also like the idea that you can plug in your own headphones, which can be much better than headphones included in Oculus headset. Even screen is better for me on Vive. Cable is longer on HTC Vive and I was able to extend Oculus cable only for 1.8m due to issues with USB 3.0 signal loss on longer cables.

          I had also problems with extending cables for Oculus sensors, because they have to be USB 3.0 compatible and you cannot just extend them for 5 meters and expect it will work. On the other side, you can just connect Vive sensor to electricity and you don't need any extra signal cable for that.

          Anyway, if I compare controllers, then I like more Oculus Touch than Vive controllers. Grip is better and I like the way how it works.