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On rails camera with Oculus Rift?

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    On rails camera with Oculus Rift?

    Hi folks,

    It's a bit of a noob question but I'm curious how to make an on the rails camera that I can use with the Rift. I want to be able to use an animation exported from 3ds Max, I have exported an animating .fbx and can already parent a box my animating bone in Unreal, so that an object follows my path, but I'm not sure how to attach a camera to that. I'd prefer to make the path in Max and not in Unreal. Should I be using Blueprint? if so how> - or should I be using Matinee?

    I don't need the camera/player to interactive (not shooting at things etc) I just need to be able to look about using the rift.

    Any help gratefully received!


    Anybody able to help?


      A few people have asked about this before but for the life of me I couldn't find the threads.
      That said, the UE4 roller coaster does exactly this, so it might be worth a look : UE4 Rollercoaster (Oculus Support)
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        I would also appreciate any help in this matter- seems like it should be pretty simple. I'd imagine you'd animate a mesh's movement with matinee and then attach the player pawn to that mesh- although I've no idea how to, and I'm not even sure if the pawn would rotate accordingly or just follow the same path?

        In fact, is it possible to animate the pawn itself in matinee?
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          You could probably do this with matinee, and if it wont move a pawn, you could possibly make the pawn a child of/connect it to the actor you are animating with matinee?
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