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Screen Aligned UVs node alternative in VR

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    [VIVE] Screen Aligned UVs node alternative in VR

    Hey all,

    I have been struggling with this for a while so I might as well open a thread to promote collaboration.

    I have been trying to achieve a portal door effect using Render Targets through a moveable Scene Component Capture 2Dbased on relative location. The effect works as intended after utilizing the "Screen Aligned UVs" node to correctly map the resultant texture.

    However, this effect doesn't work well on VR. My assumption is that this node generates a different image for each eye (Because they are two different screens?), there fore the effect becomes jagged.

    I have been reading that a majority of screen effects are not compatible with VR. Wanted to discuss the theory behind this and any workarounds anyone would have been able to figure out!



    Hey Christian, i'm trying to achieve the same effect. Did you ever figure this out? I can't find anything on it.


      The community links in this bug ticket explain how to do it:
      But, currently it's broken when using instanced stereo, and you probably want instanced stereo for the performance aspects.
      Haven't figured out a workaround so far.