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how to import fbx assets (meshes,static object) into udk (not UE4)

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    how to import fbx assets (meshes,static object) into udk (not UE4)

    Hi I posted the same question in generic and skinning udk section(old forum) but I didnt obtain any response t so I now crosspost my original thread here hope someone can help me..

    Hi' I'm and indie (in learning phase lol) developer and I'm switching from unity to udk ..In the past I have downloaded some assets from arteria3d , Dexsoft and from other vendors that work fine into unity after importing and I'm planning to buy others necessary for my project , but I'm having trouble how I must import them into udk...

    I always used them into unity and they worked like a charm but now I have no Idea how I can do to import them into udk ..
    I tried to import fbx files but they did not generate collision and dont apply material and texture and there is not a guide online

    can you help me please with a step by step procedure to export my packages into udk..and what is best format to export into udk??

    i'm referring to static mesh models

    examples :

    I have the arteria 3d Ruined castle model pack and it has all models in the following format : ase, b3d ,fbx, obj,dae, x.
    Textures are in another folder called texture

    In unity I simply copied the textures into the fbx model folder and after import my package without problem simply drag and drop into my project and all works fine with collisions, textures etc..

    In udk after open content browser and click import and select "import texture and collision ,when I push apply I have warning message that tell me that version file is older than sdk version (6.xx vs 7.xx) and after another message that tell me that "no smothing group information was found into fbx scene etc.."

    after model is imported but I can see only the mesh and into the content browser there are no material and textures referred to it

    I tried with other fbx files I downlaoded from and after I converted it to into fbx 2013 format with autodesk tool I loaded it intoultimate unwrap3d pro to see in it works fine and the model is correcly recoignized but if I import it into udk from my content browser and select Import Materials and Import Textures after I import my model I have only the unskinned mesh without collisions , textures are gone and about materias I only have a generic bluish material..
    where I wrong ...this is thew link to model I downlaoded..
    if some can help me I'll be very grateful

    thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english...

    Hi JC LEON,

    This forum is intended for Unreal Engine 4 discussions only. Please use the old forums for questions such as this.

    Thank you!

    Tim Hobson | Learning Resources | Epic Games
    UE4 Documentation