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    Originally posted by RCaloca View Post
    Currently, what are the major benefits to running Vulcan over ES2 or 3.1, can we expect to see any major performance boosts at all, particularly where pixel shaders / lighting is concerned? 3.1 didn't seem to actually give us any better performance when we tried it, and the hassle of using the source build of the engine didn't make it worthwhile. Currently we're just stuck to plain ol' ES2.

    Reason I ask is, we're on the verge of releasing this, and our biggest problem right now is that we're using two dynamic lights to light everything (Skylight & Directional). When the Earth object is in the background and taking up the whole screen, our render time goes through the roof. We hit 60 and above on an nVidia shield, but a lot of newer devices struggle to get over 30. In fact, we've had to drop support for phones entirely right now.

    I've done a lot of work on it and I can only imagine that the cost is coming from all those pixels that need lighting calculated, but there's not really much I can do about that aside from making everything a lot uglier and trying to fake it in the materials. Before I sink a few days into setting up the engine with source and distributing it to everyone, would Vulkan make much of a difference?

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    Vulkan status

    Hey guys, so we have an initial version of the mobile renderer working on Vulkan released with 4.12. It is aimed at Android developers and mobile emulation on PC/Desktop.

    Best way to test on PC is to run the editor adding -game -vulkan -featureleveles31 to your command line.

    Trying to run the Editor under Vulkan (ie not adding -game and having -vulkan) is not supported (yet!). Trying to run a non-ES3.1 path (like -SM4 or -SM5) is not supported (yet!).

    We're working hard on making Vulkan a great RHI for people to use, so pardon our dust