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Light Propagation Volume + Additive Blending

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    Light Propagation Volume + Additive Blending

    Hello. I'm trying to achieve this look:

    Specifically, the traffic streaks via timelapse photography. Note the lights from the road/cars hitting the sides of buildings.

    I'm doing this with Light Propagation Volumes. I know this feature is experimental, but still, it looks awesome.

    I got it more or less working:

    However, it looks bad. The non-lit areas are black, covering the road. When I stack traffic paths on top of each other, z-fighting happens. What I really want is to have this be additive, like so:

    This looks great! BUT: As you can see, LPV does not activate here. How can I achieve both?

    One possible solution is to have two versions of this mesh, one that's emissive and one that's additive. However, I can't make the emissive one invisible without also having LPV turned off.

    Any ideas on how I can do this? Thanks
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    Have you considered simply placing the emissive objects underneath the road?