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Increasing FPS for procedurally added meshes

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    You guys are great!

    Originally posted by Obihb View Post
    You can also consider doing pretty aggressive LOD to scale poly count down real quick based on distance.
    Cool, I'll learn how to do that. More on how I intend to use it below.

    Originally posted by Obihb View Post
    As for the culling thing, well, no, models will only cull when they are separate models. A single model with polygons you never see, those polygons still gets processed. So if you have polygons you never see in your model, get rid of them.
    Originally posted by Hyperloop View Post
    Nope, go ahead and get rid of all the polygons that you won't see. They won't get culled out because if part of the model is visible, it will all be drawn.
    Okay, I added a boolean modifier with a cylinder to take out the internal stuff in the middle. Here's the result:

    Originally posted by RyanB View Post

    Total polycount here is around 5100 for 4 missiles and 2 'bracket things' that each has a nicely curved handlebar bit. I think the complexity is fairly close to your mesh:



    Of course I have no idea how big or up close your object is going to be, but I would guess that with minimal clean line loops you could have your mesh looking pretty good anywhere in the 2-6k poly range. A screenshot from the editor wireframe would be more helpful, we can't really see how many triangulated edges are on your mesh.
    Wow that's a great example, thanks. I don't know if I can make mine look pro like that.

    FYI, the model is a spherical torus deuterium-helium-3 fusion reactor with a magnetic nozzle. It comes from a NASA study on realistic spacecraft design. In any case, it is one of many engine types that can be fitted on a spacecraft by the player in a hangar environment. The player can add up to 32 of these engines on a spacecraft in various configurations (there are smaller models than this one).

    So yes, there will be far shots, but the player will also be able to look more closely at these engines while designing his spacecraft, whose dimensions may vary (these are approx 7x7x15 m). I think the LOD idea is great, since as I understand it will provide the necessary close-up detail when needed.

    Here's the editor screenie:

    It is by will alone I set my code in motion.
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    It is by will alone I set my code in motion.