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Simple Grass Wind destroys AA

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    Simple Grass Wind destroys AA

    Hey! Ok, so I want to have plants swaying in the wind. But when I add some standard "simple grass wind" into the materials position offset, the antialiasing is destroyed (when some objects are behind the plant the AA look fine though, weird...). I´m not using any alpha masks and textures, just pure geometry with a color material. It's really a problem, since I have a lot of plants in my world and you will be at a close distance to them. Are there any possibilities of rendering the plants in another render pass, with extra anti-aliasing, or are there simply other tricks to solve this/achieve the effect I want?

    Thankful for an answer!

    Pic to the left is without simple grass wind into position offset. Pic to the right is with it.
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    New: Motion Blur and Anti-aliasing for Vertex Animation Materials

    Materials that animate vertices using World Position Offset can now output accurate motion vectors. The motion vectors allow per-pixel motion blur from the procedural animation. Additionally Temporal Anti-Aliasing and Distance Field Ambient Occlusion can correctly reproject to prevent undesirable blurring.

    Visualization of per-pixel velocities from a tree animated with World Position Offset.


    You must enable the new project setting 'Accurate velocities from Vertex Deformation'. This feature causes motion vectors to be output during the base pass which has a small performance cost whether you use these materials or not. Changing this setting requires a restart of the editor.
    You can disable the feature per-material with the setting 'Support accurate velocities from Vertex Deformation'
    The Speedtree wind node needs 'Accurate Wind Velocities' to be enabled
    Note that this feature can only support velocities from changing time, not parameters set by blueprint or gameplay code.


      Thank you so much! It worked!