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Opacity mask Everything Behind

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    Opacity mask Everything Behind


    Currently i´m developing a game that revolves around visibility mechanics

    While working on the prototype in UDK I have been looking for ways to make a dynamic mesh that is opacity masked to also mask the objects behind it.

    To make my self clear, i made this demo in a compositing program (BMD Fusion), using the 3d renderer (opengl renderer)

    and here is viewport example

    So basically the mesh moving across has a material property called IsMatte

    Click image for larger version

Name:	DemoForumUDK_Twinsg.gif
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    Reading the Fusion Manual to find the ways of how this is done, is explained that a "special texture is used"

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Manual.jpg
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    Now, i am not specting a one button solution, but does any body know how can this be done in UE4?

    Should I follow the path of the Custom Depth Buffer?

    Or something like this

    Perhaps gaining access to g buffers ???