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Free dynamic/procedural terrain material + layer painting + auto foliage (NEED SOME HELP FIRST)

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    Free dynamic/procedural terrain material + layer painting + auto foliage (NEED SOME HELP FIRST)

    Hi there. I'm new to the Unreal Engine and spent about the past 6 hours creating a dynamic terrain material with 3 separate layers (currently configured as rock, dirt and then grass) as well as a blended paint layer so that I may paint paths/trails for the player to follow over top of the dynamic texturing (gravel path). I've also implemented a system that changes the size of texture tiling based on how far a player is from said texture.

    Here's the thing, I've managed to do all the above as well as create a simple system that generates a pre-defined group of foliage selected at random wherever the target texture layer is (currently configured to generate grass, flowers, bushes and trees wherever the terrain generates a grass texture.) BUT I am stuck and need help. Although all of that works, I am experiencing great difficulty getting the foliage to be removed upon painting my gravel path layer.

    I had a really hard time finding resources to help me build this material in the first place and so, I am hoping maybe I am not alone and maybe if I offer the terrain to you guys so you may use it, some of you brilliant minds would help with the developing of the auto foliage features.

    Originally I had my grass terrain layer directly plugged into a multiply (to clean it up) and then directly into a grass render node. This did not work. I thought perhaps the solution would be to go from the grass multiply to a subtract node and run an extra line out from the output of the gravel path paint layer into the subtract node (essentially subtracting the gravel path paint from the grass layer before hitting the grass render node) but this was fruitless.

    Any help would be appreciated. If anybody else needs help setting this up in the first place, I'm here for ya.

    Finished dynamic terrain material + painting + auto foliage:

    Individual terrain layer material functions (same for all three base terrain layers 'rock, dirt, grass'):

    Would of found an answer to this question if you kept watching ratsgame's tutorials :3

    This terrain material was a good start, but scraped it recently in favour of my own material system