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Black shadows along landscape seems

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    Originally posted by Jacky View Post
    Have you tried placing those landscapes with World Browser and see how lighting builds like that?
    yes Jacky, I used to place them with world browser in 4.2 and with world composition minimap in 4.3


      Originally posted by Chrys View Post
      how did you modify both terrains with the smooth tool and guarantee that they share the same vertex height for each vertex along the seam ?

      when I try use the smooth tool it only modifies the "current" terrain.
      I just increased one landscape at the seam and then I smoothed the part that is overlapping:

      Click image for larger version

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      Smooth the part where the arrow is pointing at


        I'm sorry I tried to do what you said here but like that the terrain vertices don't match/coincide anymore at all.
        If I just smooth one side of the terrain (even if I make them overlap - which sounds like a strange idea) then if I look at the terrain from the opposite side of the seam I see a gap between the two terrains - surely that can't be right. I am probably not doing exactly what you are doing. Could you describe a bit in more detail what you did ?


          I will record you a video -> but of course you will see something like a seam, but you can hide it with meshes


            Here we go:

            Thats how I would do it (of course you will have to do it much more precise )


              wow, I didn't expect you to do the effort of making a video about it. Thanks man.

              While this is a viable solution if I just wanted to "merge" two terrains together, I think it is not an entirely viable solution if you have a tiled terrain that you want to import from World Machine.

              But thanks it gives me a possible solution.

              I will keep investigating and if worse comes to worse I will have to offset my terrains to overlap like yours and do the manual fixup.

              If I ever find a solution I will make sure to post it here.