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Landscape Without Lights - Blocky Shadow Issue

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    Landscape Without Lights - Blocky Shadow Issue

    I am having an issue where I get strange artifacting when I try to add a landscape to my scene. I am stripping out the Showdown VR demo, and this is in the Environment Map sublevel. There are no lights, and I don't know why it's giving me an orange tint either. The landscape is selected and highlighted in the image below, so you can see how big it should be.

    I want to do a night-time scene, so low/no lighting is required, but I keep seeing this issue. Any ideas?

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    What exactly is your problem?
    -The orange parts are textured -> so there is a material on it. Select the landscape and in the details panel you can set the material to your own one or to the default
    -when you want a night scene, make sure to use a blank template map and then build your map from there -> add a directional light with a low brigthness,...
    -why do you want to use the landscape from the demo? -> as far as I can see on the pic it's just a flat one


      This is a blank, freshly created landscape with no material on it. The orange parts do not have a material - it's the default gray checkerboard, but it's showing up orange and only in certain parts for some reason.

      I was hoping to get something going quickly for VR (and initial tests were successful, so I wanted to start making it look better), and replacing assets in a VR ready demo was the easiest way to do it.

      There is no landscape in the Showdown VR demo, I am replacing demo content (city street w/ cops and robot, etc.) with new custom content, but I'm unsure of why this visual anomaly is happening in the scene.