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Text Effects inside UMG?

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    Text Effects inside UMG?

    Hi Guys!

    At the moment we´re working on some Menu Designs.
    I just want to ask you how to set up some nice Text Effects inside UMG?

    I loaded in a Custom Font and i want to give that Font now maybe some Glow Effects, Outlines, Color Overlays, Shadows and so on....

    Is there something like the Fill Options in Photoshop?
    Or how to do that?

    To use Pictures is one way, but what if the Text is a Player Name Output which is different?


    Edit: Or how can i use/bind in a Material for my Custom Font for UMG?
    I know that i can set a TextRender Class in my Map. But how can i use a FontMaterial in UMG.
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    I think its a good idea to request some Text Effects for that, isn´t it?
    The only thing i can do with Text is to set a Shadow.

    But for good looking UIs i think there is much more required.
    Inner Shine, Outer Shine, Contour, InnerShadow, Glow and so on...Just like the FillOptions in Photoshop, this would be Amazing!


      The fact that this was suggested 2 years ago and that no one has implemented such a basic function into UE yet is astonishing. Even MS have implemented it in word for the past 7 years and Microsoft are always late to listen to consumers lol.

      Can anyone provide a solution or walkthrough on alternatice ways of achieving this?