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    Frostydowns , I'm getting the same issue as you after I migrate it to a project in 4.19.1. The original project does work correctly though (in 4.19.1) before I migrate it, so it seems like something gets lost during migration.

    Anyone have any ideas about what might not migrate correctly?

    For reference, this is the MI_FlowingWater2 material comparison:
    Left: after migration (and a few minor tweaks)
    Right: Original, before migration

    Clearly, the white circular area in the original is the foam disturbance or whatever we should call it.

    Click image for larger version

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      I am making waterfall in distance from object (something like background) Is it better to use animated cube map or to model waterfall ?


        Here's to hoping this thread isn't dead.

        Could someone help me really *understand* the math behind everything here?
        I constantly get strange results. I can visualise the DistanceFieldGradient and the 0-1 gradient but can't figure out how to correctly use them to distort my texture.
        The SimonSchreibt tutorial helped my understanding of flowmaps a lot but I can't put it to practice with the Distance Field generated one.
        I did indeed enable Generate Distance Fields in the project settings before anyone asks =p
        Example of strange results I get (texture is a placeholder I found online):
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          all files are down, is there a way i can get one of those?

          i want to study this too!