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Distance Field Soft Bodies

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    Hello can you remake this in newer versions, please ? I couldn't make it works...
    ABC Augmented Reality by UE4

    ArchVis VR


      Link leads to 404


        Does anyone have a copy of the ZIP?


          Would be awesome to get working version of this in newer engine version or copy of the zip



            I managed to bring back that cloaking effect in 4.20 and make my version of it using dithering. I haven't had much luck with the squishy effect however, only managing a slight squish using distance fields. Here's my graph for cloaking. In newer versions distance fields became a feature to be ticked in the project settings.

            Click image for larger version

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              I was getting back into unreal picking up on some old project and recalled this distance field soft bodies thread and by pure chance i still have the original project zip

              Here ye go

              I have no idea if it works in current versions (4.24 atm) but maybe you can learn from it at least


                Originally posted by Roel View Post
                Hi everyone,

                Today I made a little test using the master branch of Unreal Engine. The idea was to mimic the effect of soft bodies by using the new "DistanceToNearestSurface" node.

                Here is the result:

                Since it uses the material to deform it, it is completely fake, but I still think it looks pretty good. I'm not using it myself for anything, so if you need it or would just like to give it a try here is my content package:

                It is created on the master branch. It does not work with the latest version in the launcher 4.8 preview 4!!!!!!

                Here is the material overview:

                If you want more accurate physics results you could maybe try making a physics repulsor per sphere.

                Feel free to ask any questions and ENJOY!
                I didnt even know this was possible, this looks great!