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So Blurred glass material is impossible in Unreal Engine 4?

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    You could achieve such an optimized result by using a sprite that is of the same size as the bounding box of the mesh you want to use the blur. Jon Lindquist used a technique like this on fortnite to layer specific effects on various characters using the post process system. Using that method, only the pixels in the sprite are processed.

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    OK. Thanks for these explanations.
    Searching through the post process effects documentation, i wondered if you could find a way to make something like a "limited" gaussian DOF post process effect.
    I mean: not applying the effect all over the screen but only on the part of the screen where the glass is visible, using an opacity mask recalculated every frame.
    Is it currently undoable or could it be implemented?
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    It can be done but requires looking up several copies of the SceneColor node and offsetting them and then averaging them. This technique is a bit slow though. It is probably possible to do something better in code like use one of the downresed buffers for bloom. I asked BrianK about this and the reason it isn't done already is that the bloom buffers are from the previous frame and have to be reprojected with camera movement. This means when there is a camera cut there will be no information for one frame. And when rotating the camera quickly you would see weird behavior on the edge of the screen that revealed new parts of the blurred image. I wouldn't expect an epic solution to this anytime soon as a result of these issues but maybe one day.

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  • So Blurred glass material is impossible in Unreal Engine 4?


    From this thread, I started to work on various glass and mirror materials.
    If you're interested in what's going on, you can check these 2 posts:



    I searched a way to make a blurred glass material with UE4, I mean a glass material which is blurring all that's behind it.
    So I DON'T MEAN FROSTED GLASS, which can be more or less be done, as shown in this thread:
    I mean regular, smooth blurring, like with a gaussian blur filter in Photoshop and changing in real time.

    I didn't find any tutorial about this on the web.
    I searched in Epic documentation but found nothing really useful for this.
    So, is it something the engine can't do for the moment or did I (certainly) miss something? When I see all the incredible materials and visual effects you can achieve with UE4,
    I have no reason to think that this particular effect couldn't be done.
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