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How would I prepare Maya model for UE4 textures?

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    Actually (not the best way) you just have to uv map your mesh - import them - add the material - now you will have to adjust their size with the texture coordinate node
    When you want to use the good way - export the textures - uv map the mesh so that the textures fits perfectly to your mesh - import it - apply the material

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  • How would I prepare Maya model for UE4 textures?

    This may be a stupid question (Sorry, I've only started working with Maya recently ) How would I go about making sure that the Starter Kit textures will work with my model? It's just a hall way, with a few rooms attached. Do I have to unwrap the UV's in a certain way? Do I have to keep my model to a certain size? I'm not really sure where to go from here.

    (Again, very new at 3D modelling haha)