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Need some advice with materials

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    Need some advice with materials

    I'm very confused when it comes to texturing models. I have just modeled a prison cell block and I'm aware that i can texture objects in Maya but it looks like textures from a playstation 1 game and thats not what I'm aiming for. I want nice smooth materials but have no idea on how ? people have said you do this inside of UE4 instead of maya but how do i select and texture the individual objects for example the door to a cell ? as its all combined when imported into UE4. Sorry if i sound stupid

    There are a few great resources to help you to get started in this direction. Just be assured: The material editor (and especially the result) is pretty much the strongest point of Unreal and it's rendering.

    Here's the general documentation on it:

    And here we got a youtube series by Epic to get you started:

    This should at least get you to a point where you can create quite a bit with the editor. If you then have another question don't hesitate to hop over to the answerhub or the rendering forum to ask some more specific questions.



      1. create your meshes in a 3d program
      2. texture them in the program (uv mapping) + add material slots (make sure that you dont use too many of them -> draw calls)
      3. export the mesh + texture
      4. import everything
      5. right click on the texture - create material - assign it to the mesh

      Now take a look at the upper doc links