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    Help and advice on lighting

    Hi, I'm experimenting a little with lighting.
    More precisely interiors. I dont expect to have the dramatic results seen in some demos of Architectural visualization around the forums, but good enough.
    My question is that how to combine lighting in order to achieve good results.

    I tried with all backed light and the results were pretty good in relation to the amount of work involved.
    Then I tried with Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows, and while it works, the visual quality is much much lower.

    So what's the best way to achieve good results and get some flexibility (objects that could move, etc). Using a combination of these two techniques maybe?
    Those with experience with this, how do you recommend me to accommodate a scene, particularly this time in interior.

    Thank You!
    pd: Excuse my English.

    Probably the best decision is stick to Lightmass. It works tremendously good with interiors and static environment.
    After I saw Outpost 23 from UT I'm thinking about switching back to Lightmass
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      Thanks for your response, so you only use static lighting for this type of scene? Sometimes i dont know how to properly combine all the lights types and have good results or at least adequate.
      pd: Excuse my English.