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Best way to deal with Lighting Build running out of memory?

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    You can safely delete DerivedDataCache. It will cause your shaders and navigation and stuff to rebuild next time you open your project but that's it (even after the rebuild you will save space, UE does nor like to clean up after itself with those calculations so you may have months of old build data across many engine versions just idling in that folder). No, you can't move it though... But it SEEMS (maybe it's just luck of the draw) that UE is better about cleaning up after itself in 4.7, my DDC no longer balloons to some ridiculous size after a few days of work.


      Hello Mate

      Light build out of memory error usually is caused by 2 things : 1st troubled object's light map so to solve this > check log report after the appearance of "out of memory" message and change light map manually to the objects with troubled light map and make it 256 for example and re-do light build // the 2nd cache folder of UE is full so clear cache from swamp

      those issues caused light build "out of memory" to happen in my experience and i do light builds pretty much for projects i work on