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Getting weird artifacts in UE4 when baking hipoly mesh to normal map in Blender

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    Baking normal maps can be a incredibly tedious process depending on the geometry, here's a couple threads on Polycount that should explain some of the problems you can face.
    How the normals of the low poly affect the bake using a cage (and why you should use bevelled shapes more) :
    How you can prevent these problems with smoothing groups and UV-Splits :

    Furthermore, different programs can interpret the normal maps differently which requires a synchronized workflow to create a normal map specifically for your software.
    I found Handplane to be the best tool for this problem :
    Handplane will also conveniently fix some smoothing errors you have overlooked. The only requirement is for you to bake the normal map in world space instead of tangent space.
    While it doesn't have a specific UE4 output, UE4 seems to use the same interpretation for normal maps as UDK - so just choose UDK in the conversion options.
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