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Distance Field Shadows - can't get them to work

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    How do you guys actually handle the bending in the shadows when using DX11 and not using distance field shadows?

    thank you so much for all your input!


      In a real scene this kind of artifact is typically unnoticeable as it primarily happens when the light is parallel to the surface. But you can get rid of it (at the cost of accuracy) by adjusting the shadow bias. Setting the bias too high can cause light bleeding at corners though so you have to balance it. Contact shadows can be used to mask this issue, but comes at additional cost and has its own quirks.

      Keep in mind, shadow settings are per-light. So if you are already generating distance fields for other features (particle collision, indirect shadows, DFAO, etc.) then you can always switch to distance field shadows on lights where this is a noticeable problem.

      Edit: Just a word of warning also, area light (what you're using in your video) shadows are only intended to work with static and raytraced shadows. DFS and shadow maps will behave as though it is casting light from a single point, not a rectangular area.
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