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Pixel Streaming Not Working

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    Pixel Streaming Not Working

    Hi Guys,
    I followed the exact tutorials mentioned in the documentations for setting up the pixel streaming
    Node.JS - is properly installed
    88 and 8888 Ports are also Open
    My laptop is ACER Predator with Intel i7 8th Gen | Nvidia 1050ti | 8GB DDR4 Ram

    I have package the game properly and also followed the step for creating the Shortcut and
    adding -AudioMixer -PixelStreamingIP=localhost -PixelStreamingPort=8888

    I started the Signaling Server by running the run.bat file.

    But whenever i try to access the ![alt text][1]Game from my Local IP address it tells me
    WebRTC connected, waiting for video

    I am using the Chrome web browser a![alt text][2]s well

    Please check the Attached image as well
    Attached Files

    After completing all the steps first run the game on your system then try to access it with chrome. It should work and if you want to connect it without running the game in foreground on your PC add -RenderOffScreen to the shortcut file where you have added all the other commandline parameters.

    Hope I am correct I also just tried it out few days ago but it worked for me after following all the steps.